Texture Catalogue

Since inception in 1981, Yick Sang provides mold texturing service in China and created mold textures that have become an international industry standard.Learn More

Quality Control

Mold texturing involves a complex process that is unique for each tool.  Yick Sang’s experienced technicians control the quality of our output tightly to ensure customer satisfaction.Learn More

Texture Patterns

Yick Sang provides mold texturing suitable for all types of molding process from a wide array of patterns that are used by the sectors of consumer, architectural, military, and more. Learn More

Why Choose Us

  • Competitive prices
  • Dedicated quality control
  • We will work with you to provide solutions in your tool development process

What’s New

Yick Sang will attend NPE May7-11 2018, limited quantities of our texture catalogue will be available!
Yick Sang's first servicing location in ChongQing has opened for business.
HuiZhou and ZhongShan servicing locations opened.